29 Apr
The Levi's x Dr. Romanelli Chukka Mids

Levi’s and Los Angeles’ Dr. Romanelli have collaborated on numerous designs, and now they’ve come together to create the Chukka mid sneaker. The denim isn’t much of a surprise considering the Levi factor, but, denim on a shoe makes the classic material interesting. The sneakers have stayed especially true to jeans — the rivets, the denim, the stitching — so much so that the only way you’d know they were sneakers is by tying the shoelaces. What I really dig about this design is the subtle contrast between the light denim and dark denim. Ultimately, the shoe is very reminiscent of a certain “grungey era” and all I can think to say when I look at these sneakers is…Viva la 1990’s! Trends aside, they are a stylish pair of sneakers and they’ll be available at invincible on May 1st — mark your calendar.

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  1. These will be available in the US at UNITE Footwear in Massachusetts on May 7th also.

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