27 Apr
Gameboy Thrashin’ Turntable Bangin’ mixtape

This is something that most people are going to really hate, but some are going to really love. Plant me in the garden of the latter. Basek’s new mix, Gameboy Thrashin’ Turntable Bangin’, is available for FREE and is exactly as the title suggests — glitch, 8-bit, bass, breakcore and even some good old fashioned death metal all rolled into one furiously aggravating mix. As Baseck explains, it “features a smashing blend of 8 Gameboy tracks from “Creatures” and some all new unreleased tracks from the next album (wink)…plus a little crazy scratching, insane ear splitting noise and deranged vocals. You know… the usual.” Enuff said.

Stream Gameboy Thrashin’ Turntable Bangin’ below, or download for home usage HERE. Dates for Baseck’s European and UK tour May thru July after the Jump…


May 5 – Wageningen, Holland
May 14 – Graz, Austria
May 15 – Berlin, Germany
May 21 – Marseille, France
May 22 – Lyon, France
June 5 – Nuremberg, Germany
June 11 – Dublin, Ireland
July 9 – Manchester, UK

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