8 Apr
Q&A with Los Angeles-based designer Ramón Coronado

Los Angeles-based designer Ramón Coronado has made some furniture that we can really get behind here at LIAS headquarters. We should have the Meadows — our secret, subterranean offices — stuffed with the plastic seating. Mercado Negro, or Black Market, is Coronado’s attempt at reclaiming these devices of corporate consumerism. In making his shopping cart swing, Coronado is also protesting the lack of proper recreational facilities in L.A. Or so we think, anyways. To get to the bottom of it all, we shot the man some questions…

So what was the inspiration for the Mercado Negro furniture? Do you remember the moment the inspiration struck?
The inspiration came from the idea of reclamation: taking an ordinary object like a shopping cart and turning it into something that is completely different. I chose a shopping cart because it is such a symbolic and iconic object to the City of Los Angeles.

We kind of agree! Is there a message to the piece?
The projects message hints at the lack of recreational environments in the City of Los Angeles. I put the reclaimed shopping cart back into the city once it was completed and let it live and interact with people in different neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Can you make us some office furniture?
Hahaha, I wish. If it wasn’t as time consuming or illegal I would definitely consider.

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Tell me a bit about your background. How has Los Angeles influenced your work?
Most of my work is in the graphic world. I’m a graphic designer by trade, but here and there I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and experimenting with new media. I currently freelance but am involved in a few other projects which will soon make some noise in LA. Don’t want to give anything away yet, so please follow my work to stay updated.

How’d you get your start in the art world? What’s the first thing you remember doodling that could be deemed “art”?
I don’t remember my first doodle, because my memory is shit, but I do remember what my turning point into the art world was. Back in 2004 my friend Ruben Rojas and I started screen printing t-shirts which then evolved into running a small clothing line by the name of Function at the age of nineteen. The clothing line didn’t go far, but it was the start of my career in design.

Who are your art and/or design heroes?
Wolfgang Weingart. If you’re not familiar, Google him!

What’s your most treasured material possession?
My books and analogue photography. Irreplaceable.

Being from LA, do you have a favorite taco spot? Do they know you there by name?
Great question! My number 1 spot is on the corner of 3rd St. and Normandie by the name of “La Tehuana.” Ask for a Torta de carne asada with quesillo. Amazing. haha, and no they don’t know me by name.

If you were lost in a supermarket, in what aisle would we find you in?
Ice Cream!

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