2 Apr
Italian carry-on all you'll ever need to control the intertubes

As we continue further plugging ourselves into the grid, inextricably enfusing more and more with this global consciousness known as the intertubes, we become more and more dependent on constant access to information. We’re either absorbing data from this flowing universe, or we’re contributing data to it. Either way, we’re plugged in more and more every day, and spend more time online than ever. A recent trip to Hawaii only underscored this addiction, when I spent 3 days completely unplugged from the world camping on a cliff on the remote southeast rim of Maui. No laptop, no mobile reception. In other words, no email, texting or communicaitons with the outside world whatsoever. It was sublime; I never wanted it to end. And while true “data” vacations like that are vital to the human spirit, professionally you just can’t survive like that when you travel. And that is why items like this Travel-Office are so damn enticing. In one highly portable leather tanned case, the Travel-Office contains a netbook, printer, self-powered A4 scanner, headset with Skype-compatible VoIP, and a revolutionary HD mini projector. That’s about all you’ll ever need to become a one-man mobile uplink machine, capable of handling any media need you’d ever come cross. Sure it would be great to unplug on a regular basis, but when you need to be connected to the universe around you, it’d be very empowering to have the Travel-Office clutched in your grips.

The Italian tanned leather case itself Travel-Office is a totally portable office technology powered by the batteries of computers and their components. Made exclusively in Italy, the Travel-Office uses genuine leather tanned according to European standards along with gloss brush for the dark parts (black or brown) and for parts nappa matte orange.

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