29 Apr
Madrid's "La Mas Bella" elevates the magazine to a new level

Certain magazines take the artform, flip it on its side, and then douse it in kerosene and blow the whole shit up. Visionaire magazine has redefined the format by making “issues” that were actually a set of vinyl that you played with a portable record player, and Gum magazine came packaged like a piñata filled with goodies like comics, View-Master reels, gumballs, etc. But quite possibly the most imaginative revision of the magazine has to be Madrid-based La Mas Bella — a  project that takes the idea of a magazine to the next level. Started in 1993 by Diego Ortiz and Pepe Murciego, they have gone on to produce over 30 magazines — all independently supported. Some past issues include 2003’s La Más Bella TU (The Most Beautiful YOU) whose monographic subject was the concept of “identity”. Formally the magazine was a typical wallet full of its typical contents (bank notes, ID cards, ID photographs, tickets…) recreated by different artists. And 2006’s La Más Bella Grandes Exitos (The Most Beatiful Greatest Hits), whose theme was “success”, consisted of a fabric groupy-bag with three pins, a Picture-Disc Vinyl Record, some vinyl disc covers, posters and a DVD. Now their latest clever issue, La Mas Bella Anda (The Most Beautiful Walk),  is packaged as a shoebox. Inside a sneaker, shoe horn, cellophane-wrapped stone (to place in the shoe and irritate your sole) and a feather for tickling your toes are included. But the most creative part is the series of specially commissioned artworks, which come in the form of illustrated insoles. How rad is that? Sure, nobody will know the artwork that you’re walking on, but something tells me just knowing in your mind how cool your feet are at that moment will make it all worthwhile.

Hit the Jump to see a video interview with founders Diego Ortiz and Pepe Murciego…

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