29 Apr
Like a snowmobile, except for the desert

Similar to the Platune Sand-X Dune Rider, this Dune Tracer concept is just what you need for those lazy days on the beach. Designed by diseno-art.com, the snow mobile-like Dune Tracer is motored by a rear-mounted engine located behind the driver’s seat that powers a unique track system. While at full speeds it turns like a traditional car, with its front pair of tracks rotating left and right, at low speeds the vehicle turns on its own axis, much like a tank. Perhaps most ridiculously, the Dune Tracer concept features actual air conditioning, which blows on the driver above and through his seat. Air conditioning blowing an open cockpit whilst churning rooster tails of sand through a desert? Why not — the world’s gonna end soon enough anyways, right?

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