28 Apr
Titus Kaphar shows us the Old works in a New way

Titus Kaphar is breaking boundaries thought unsurpassable as he replicates art from the past and gives the wold his own spin on it…by ruining it. Old portraits have become dull to many who aren’t art connoisseurs, but the portraitures that Kaphar builds into sculptures using traditional materials are appealing to any viewer. Artists that destroy their own work are a rarity, but beauty through destruction is something even harder to come by. Starting with a canvas, slicing it as if it had required no talent to create, and leaving voids in the work transforms conventional art into modern art with meaning beyond what is seen on the canvas. The destruction of these pieces implicates the flaws with the world that the art depicts, showing the world the bias of these arts and literally making them “pc”.  Michele Carlson puts the lack of convention through his technique well when she states, “artist Titus Kaphar’s sculptural paintings challenge canonical representations of history and memory by collapsing past into present.” His galleries contain many modern pieces convoluted with passion from his perspective, as he shows us the inadequacies of history in art. Titus Kaphar may not be the first of his kind, but it is undoubtedly true that he will have many followers.

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