23 Apr
Six years of exercising demons to spill on canvases for Los Angeles.

David Choe opens his first show in Los Angeles in six years tonight, Friday, April 24th from 7-10 pm. The show title, Nothing to Declare, is apropos as David Choe leaves everything he has experienced as an artist culminated into the canvases, water colors and inflatable sculptures on the proverbial table. The show is impressive and I would advise anyone who is curious about our “generation of formidable artists” to catch a glimpse of this exhibit. The show is at Lazarides, a pop-up gallery on Beverly Drive which was formerly an Anthropologie store. The curator of the show, Lazarides himself, is the proprietor of Lazarides Gallery in London, best known for showing and being closely tied to Banksy — which puts Choe in some rarefied company. If you can’t make it tonight, find some time to swing by the gallery in the next couple weeks and take a peek.

David Choe’s Nothing to Declare at Lazarides LA:
320 N. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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