5 Apr
DaVinci's UniSon MK II still in love with vinyl

While vinyl continues taking hits as a mainstream sonic medium, it remains the preferred option for true audiophiles for its wider dynamic range and quality. Sure vinyl has even lost its place in the hallowed bins of DJs across the globe, who’ve put down their crates and clicked on their Seratos, but investment in a quality turntable is still paramount. At least it is for DaVinci Audio Labs who continue releasing incredibly high-end turntables — like their new UniSon MK II. The Switzerland-based DaVinci Audio Labs have equipped the UniSon MK II with a highly stable drive chassis and silent bearings for zero noise and vibration, as well as height-adjustable damping feet to ensure the turntable remains perfectly level. Because with a pricetag of $27,800, the last thing you want is your equipment making any noise.

Couple more detail shots after the Jump…

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