16 Apr
Akron's best puts their future in your hands

DEVO are the ultimate populists. To decide which tracks will make the final cut on their album, they’re not listening to their label execs, heeding the advice of music insiders or consulting their gurus. Instead, they’ve chosen to allow you, loyal music enthusiasts and DEVO fans, to elect which 12 songs (of the 16 they have ready to go) will make their new album cut. Consider it a music nerd’s focus group. Ironic they’re letting the general population decide such an important matter, given that their very moniker testifies to their belief that the human race is devolving into a mindless swamp of mouthbreathing dolts. I guess the de-evolution applies to all but DEVO fans. Anywho, slated to be released this June, the tentatively titled Fresh will be DEVO’s first album in 20 years. Just go to their Song Study website and listen to 30 second bursts of the tracks and let your fingers to the electing. Simple enough.

Speaking of DEVO, we at LIAS are punching out as of now to go cover the Coachella Music Festival, at which DEVO will be playing tomorrow night. We will gaily be at hand, red domed hats firmly planted and judgment pens at ready position. Yes, it is a tough job, and it will take every ounce of our livers’ strength to survive, but we do it all for the lost art of journalism. Pray for us, Argentina, we will be back severely hung over and popping aspirins like Mentos on Tuesday…don’t expect much from us…

For now, click here to hear full click clips of “What We Do” (pretty fucking awesome) and “Fresh“…

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