16 Apr
The carbon fiber YikeBike aims to be the perfect 2-wheeled urban commuter

The carbon-fiber black YikeBike hopes to revolutionize urban transport as a highly portable two-wheeled solution. It weighs an astoundingly light 22 lbs and folds into a small bag you can throw over your shoulder when you arrive at your destination, making it an incredibly convenient mode of travel. The YikeBike can travel as far 6 miles (9 kms) in one charge, and recharges to over 80% in less than 20 minutes — meaning you’ll never be left powerless. Its upright seating position also allows for a better perspective when riding through dense traffic. Unfortunately the YikeBike is limited to about 12 mph, which means someone with a healthy jogging speed can lap you at will. Also, at $4,450, it’ll run you about ten times the price of a cheap scooter…but then again, you can’t throw your scooter over your shoulder, can you?

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