6 Apr
The Marion Hyper-Sub here for all your above water/below water mission needs

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Not only am I a top-tier writer for LIAS, the greatest online magazine in the history of the printed word, but I’m also a corporate mercenary. I’m in the assassination game and my skills as an international man of mystery fetch top dollar. My last mission, the target shall remain anonymous, required me to have a quick and stealthy get-away vehicle. The Marion Hyper-Sub gave me just that. It cruises above water at high speeds (46 mph), has a 500 mile range, and best of all can also dive below the surface like a submarine (maximum diving depth of 250 feet) and completely avoid radar. I was out before the Russian security team knew I was there, those amateurs…

Video of the Marion Hyper-Sub in action after the Jump…

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