1 Apr
Desk Phone Dock takes you back to the early 90s

Do your fingers ever get really tired from holding an iPhone to your ear? There’s something odd about the shape of the phone that makes long conversations really start to mess with my ever-important pointer finger. The Desk Phone Dock is here to fix that — its traditional wired phone setup makes talking on your iPhone much more comfortable. Plus, you can rest the receiver between your head and shoulder and pretty much talk hands-free. Of course, nowadays you could just buy a hands-free set but then what would be the fun of that? Purposely modeled after a traditional wired phone, the Desk Phone Dock fits any generation of iPhone — even with 2mm thick case.  An adjustable level supporter keeps them stable, and unlike normal handsets, Desk Phone Dock has no outside physical switch or lever. It works through a reed switch with magnet hidden inside of the handset. This makes it possible to easily switch from speaker phone mode to handset mode and vice versa. The dock is constructed of highly processed aluminum and SF-coated plastic, which gives it that soft rubber touch.

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