15 Apr
Coarse Jaws Loser vinyl figures

Dammit if those guys over at Coarse haven’t done it again. Like most things in the “street” art game, vinyl toys have become over-abundant. To separate oneself from the herd you really have to elevate it a notch, and Coarse have done that exactly with their Jaws Loser piece. Like the False Friends released earlier in the year, these rare artists editions have an instantly recognizable character, highly stylized but not annoyingly so. The 13” figures include a shark shield (available in white and a rare blush version), and come embedded in blue and yellow sponge packed in a highly illustrated paper box.Only 50 of the blush and 100 of the white will be created, available exclusively at coarse hkg for about $300.

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  1. […] somewhat addicted to the vinyl junk that Coarse is cooking up these days. That Jaws Loser piece last month was pretty amazing, and remember that False Friends figure they did in the […]

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