1 Apr
A leather case for your jumbo iPhone, the iPad

Finally, Apple’s worst named device has an accessory to keep it safe in style. Don’t ask how, but LIAS has acquired about 50 of these leather Padova iPad cases. Mundt didn’t make it out without a vicious stab wound. The leather case, pictured above, sells for about $200, but ostrich and crocodile are also available for $570 and $690, respectively. What do you think we should do with them? Should we give them away? Do you have an iPad? Add a comment to this post. Also, give us a good idea for an April Fools joke, we’re fresh out.

4 Responses to “Pad your iPad with this Padova Case”

  1. hi,really beautiful Ipad,do you know where i can find that beautiful.thanks,Vox

  2. Hi,this apple is really a elegant ,I like the elegant ability and the price,hope I can have one,Lee

  3. Apple doesnt just produce contrivances; they create solutions that people can see fitting into their lives eventually. As a university student with a fantastic life, I can see this being a very handy thing to have.

  4. Jim Teare says:

    yes you should give them away. Im new to the IPad world, just catching up. How could I get any cooler than having one of these?

    Put your co-workers cell phone in the ceiling tiles and continually call.

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