14 Apr
Avoid hour long festival booze lines

I gotta be honest with you, my thoughts are turning more and more to Coachella as the days progress. It’s getting hard to work. In fact, I’m about to head out of our secret headquarters, the Meadows, today and take our hyperspeed stealth jet to our underground Palm Springs bunker, where I will begin our preparations for all things Coachella. It is in this mindset that I bring you Paul Smith’s hip flask, made of 100% stainless steel and leather done up in their signature multi-stripes. How I would love to have this, especially at a festival where the lines to get booze are sorrowfully long. And the worst part about Coachella? If you don’t have a VIP wristband, all you can drink is beer in roped off, designated beer tents. What a horrible, horrible fate. The only problem I can see here is that Paul Smith’s flask will cost you, predictably, pretty steep at $85. Honestly, the army surplus store’s $10 version will serve you just as well, but you’ll look way less cool swigging shots with one under the XX’s tent…

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