Really feeling these tshirts from Soulland X American Pictures, “Prison Love” (above) and “Young Love in Philadelphia”(after the Jump). Clean white cotton tees with found photography — simple odes to love, done without frills. They’re available at Azita for $54, all profits go to German charity AIDS-Fondet.

One more shirt, NSFW, after the Jump…

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  1. Cool..nice post you have just give me some information regarding the use of the graphic tees which very popular today!..and as I saw picture of the graphic really amazed me the graphic tee is very beautiful!

  2. Didi says:

    These photos , esp. paraded around on a shirt are offensive. Esp. them being in for an aids charity. Why these pictures (which are not “no frills”, they’re pornographic untastefully stereotypical portrayals of blacks) I don’t use the word often, but I reserve the word racist (or at least offensive) for the combo of context and content of this concept.

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