23 Apr
A low cost approach to vinyl appreciation

Have you ever looked at teh price of turntables and caused a bit of fluttering in your heart? You don’t even need to get as crazy as the DaVinci Audio Lab one, I’m just talking about even intro-level turntables. Well Teenage Engineering has come up with a very cool project to counter the extravagant expense. Their Styrofoam Turntable DIY Kit is exactaly what it sounds like: a low-cost do-it-yourself Turntable kit made out of high density styrofoam. The design is straightforward with same measurements as an LP cover and the turntable base has the natural color of white styrofoam, with a needle arm CNC’d out of orange styrofoam. The turntable features a built-in Speaker and amplifier, a USB connection for transferring audio to computer, effects and volume Knobs and 2 outputs for RCA and 3.5mm headphones. Genius.

2 more detail shots after the Jump…

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  1. msl says:

    So it’s clear, the site states:

    The Styrofoam Turntable will not be produced and only one unit was built for research purpose.
    But, if you think this is a product that you really think we should manufacture please contact us using the form to the right.

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