When I really need to score some drugs I don’t use my cell phone to do so, that’s how you get caught. Public phones are the way to go when calling your dopeman. What can I say, we are an addicted culture. That’s why when I make my call to the neighborhood pharmacy for my prescription of Ritalin, I’m using the Comet Mobile Phone Booth, created by students at the Danish Design School. After all, someone’s got to help the fledgling pharmaceutical industry stay afloat. The idea here is that the Comet movable phone booth allows you make private calls while completely immersed in the public space, so you don’t have to annoy everyone within 20 feet of you yelling into your mouthpiece. The project was built using Arduino circuits hacked on an old hair dryer helmet and an office chair with wheels.

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”338″]http://vimeo.com/8023595[/vimeo]

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