12 Apr
Diamonds are forever, but time antiquates technology

I know we all love bling and we trust our upper-class to make irrational decisions when it comes to frivolously spending their money, but this is ridiculous. Charging $215,000 for a cellphone seems crazy when you consider that it will fall out of fashion the following year. It’s almost as crazy as buying a diamond encrusted Macbook. I have to sign a 2-year contract with my phone company. When that contract is over, I’m eligible for a phone upgrade. I wonder what kind of an upgrade Vertu will get. This four-phone series was launched in honor of the opening of Vertu’s Ginza, Tokyo store a year ago. Each phone was hand painted with designs that represent the four seasons of the year. Vertu should paint a design on my phone that represents how often my phone company overcharges me.

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