14 May
Scorpion Tequila for the love of Mexico

Auténtico Tequila Alacrán is a new brand of tequila created by a small coterie of friends in Mexico City who promise to do it for the love of the motherland. Translated as “Authentic Scorpion Tequila”, this small batch spirit is 100% real white tequila with a clean, pure taste. Hoping to target “creative, independent people who crave a new sensation — Tequila connoisseurs who will appreciate it”,  ATA took great pains to separate itself from the crowd with its packaging. The bottle’s shape is somewhere between that of a canteen and a flask with a black, rubbery “Soft Touch” finish applied — lending Tequila Alacrán’s bottle a unique texture .

Full bottle image, front and back, after the Jump…

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