27 May
Desmond's catchphrase in tshirt homage format

These LOST-inspired tshirts from BBlessing have been around for a minute, but since the finale was Sunday and I’m still thinking about it made me want to put these up. I can’t really decide how I felt about the ending — I knew it would be a bit esoteric to allow room for interpretation and all, but I wasn’t 100% sold on it. Jack’s dead dad, Christian, tells him at the end that his time on the island and the people with him were the most important part of his life, so that’s why he’s with them in this afterlife. Well doesn’t that mean then that all that stuff on the island happened while he was alive? So does that knock the whole “island as limbo/purgatory” theory out of consideration? I dunno, makes your head spun a bit. But I digress. FarFetch has a handful of different designs from BBlessing designer Nicholas Kratochvil available, but the above “Another Life” lifted from Desmond’s signature refrain is definitely my favorite. Unlike the other LOST shirt that had more obvious references to the show, BBlessing’s homages are a little more subtle: the sheet music for The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibration”, the barely heard whispers. And of course Desmond’s catchphrase. I prefer the nuance. The light pink tee is made of soft cotton and features an off-white “Another Life” graphic on the front. There is an off-white Bblessing logo on the back yoke as well. Available for $65.

A more manly black version after the Jump…

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