In honor of Sex and the City 2, Christian Louboutin unveils his Men’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Well not really, but we’ll just run with that. Now I know that Louboutin can make a sexy shoe, but as far as men’s shoes go these may be a little too…sexy? The line features everything but the kitchen sink: studs, horse hair, glitter, oh my! I can’t speak from a male’s perspective, and being that I’m a woman who loves that signature red sole on the bottom of a beautiful Louboutin heel, I can be quite forgiving in this situation…forgiving enough to call the line whimsical as opposed to nauseating. Honestly, I do appreciate the aesthetic orgasm this line is giving me and if they come in a small enough size I’d be tempted, but, as far as taste goes, that really is a personal matter. Be on the look out for a pair of these Christian Louboutin’s come fall…and, if you happen to catch someone on the street wearing a pair, take a picture and email us, because I want to see for myself.

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