14 May
Coarse False Friends "Blackout" Edition

We’re somewhat addicted to the vinyl junk that Coarse is cooking up these days. That Jaws Loser piece last month was pretty amazing, and remember that False Friends figure they did in the beginning of this year? Well they’re back, only this time the False Friends are totally blacked out for their Blackout edition (fitting moniker). Limited to 300 pieces, the set contains the cloaked noop and a pitch-black paw!, staring into nothingness. The duo come hidden in a handcrafted premium black box, stamped with gold and black foil. The package is completed with 3 original Coarse poster prints and sealed by a transparent sleeve with the signature paw! nose. Each set includes a family and friends application card, in case you want to make this very expensive purchase a hobby. If you already have a card, you’ll receive an additional signed print. Available starting today only at coarsehkg for about $435 (price includes global shipping)

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