6 May
The latest from LA's Gourmet

Gourmet has been putting out some nice shoes for a young company, and these Quadicis in Napa leather are no exception. I love the unabashed Italian American fandom of the Gourmet founders, which they take so to the limit with their NTN logo (which stands for, yes that’s right, “Not For Nuthin'”). I have to assume these Quadici Napa Leathers are for rain use, given the above press photo and the upper, which is constructed of premium leather and rubber. It also features an air unit in the sole to ensure long lasting comfort. Coming soon…

2 Responses to “Gourmet Quadici Napa Leather”

  1. I am going to definitely be returning for your internet site to learn more articles when i loved any particular one..

  2. Steven says:

    Ok but… Where in the world can I buy these particular shoes (style, color) or, are they just mythological? They are splashed everywhere on the net without a clue as to where to buy them. Pfff. Any clues out there??? Thanks

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