13 May
Bowties by Pierrepont Hicks

The bowtie will forever be a staple of men’s fashion, but just because it’s a classic accessory doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with it. Pierrepont Hicks’ Hatteras Bowtie is an obvious break from the traditional black-tie-only goods. The seersucker/sky blue plaid bowtie is hand-finished in the garment district of NYC and is self-tie only (no clip-ons for you, Mr. Mundt). Though you may argue that the pattern isn’t for a manly man, I can assure you the playfullness of this tie will charm tbe pants (or skirt) off anyone. You can get this 100% cotton bowtie for $62, and check out a variety of other equally delightful ties here.

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