28 May
The Waxwear Tote for your park dates in the summer

We are nearing the official start of the summer and everyone is scrounging up the necessary accouterments to celebrate the season with enthusiasm. Moore & Giles would like nothing more than for you to have a picnic in the park, fully equipped with their Waxwear Picnic Tote. The ‘ranger tan’ bag boasts six interior pockets, leather handles, brass plugs for elevation, and it encourages the wino in all of us with four ingeniously placed exterior wine pockets, one bottle to fill each hole. Now, as a native of Southern California, all I can do is dream of lugging this bag full of treats and liquor to the Hollywood Bowl for that Phoenix/Grizzly Bear concert during a warm summer night…but with a price tag of $516 I won’t really have any time for concerts considering I’ll have to take up 3 jobs just to afford the bag, let alone the tickets. The idea of brown bagging a 40oz in the parking lot of the Bowl suddenly seems like a much more appealing idea. But, if you’re the demure type  —and you’re willing to spend a penny — check out the bag at Blackbird.

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