19 May
Buy very expensive paper and fold it for fun

Strange. I love origami artwork, and I also love Hermès scarves. I normally don’t have much patience for unnecessarily expensive items of luxury, but Hermes scarves have always been peerless in quality and class and that’s something I can appreciate. My mom has like a 100 of them and she always wears them with the sort of effortless aplomb reserved for the Jackie Onassis, Grace Kellys and Catherine Deneuves of the world — all classic Hermes scarf wearers. But I can’t quite wrap my mind around these Hermes origami sets. The illustrious French fashion house has released a hand-stitched black saddle leather envelope (shaped like a classic Hermès leather clutch, naturally) filled with sheets of brightly colored scarf print origami paper to fold and make little unicorns out of (here’s looking at you, Edward James Olmos). Presented in black lacquer boxes, each set will run you about $750. Now call me crazy, but if I was going to fold up pieces of colored paper and charge close to a grand for them, I’d do it like my boy Won Park and just use $100 bills. Cut to the chase, Hermes.

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