20 May
Making more than just baseball gloves and origami paper

I kind of like how Hermès isn’t afraid to move outside of the usual paradigm for luxury fashion houses. They’ve already created a baseball glove and origami paper, so why not a saddle? And if you’re gonna make a saddle, and label it Hermès (with corresponding pricetag to match), why not take it to the limit and create a world class, high-tech saddle? Taking over 3 years to develop, Hermès’ Talaris saddle uses carbon fiber, polyamides and titanium in addition to their famous full grain leather to create the ultimate riding accessory. The space age materials not only cut down the weight of the saddle (by almost 3 pounds), but also add a level of comfort and synergy with the horse previously unavailable. No word on price yet, but I’m expecting a lot.

via Art School Vets

3 Responses to “Hermès Talaris High Tech Riding Saddle…for Real”

  1. kathy says:

    Hermes started as a Sellier. And they have made the best saddles in the world for three centuries.

  2. Patrice says:

    Hermes has made the best saddles for years, it’s how they got the reputation they have for fine craftmanship and quality. This saddle took 6 years to develope. I have been blessed to own two different Hermes saddles and look forward to this one as well. The quality is incredible.

  3. rider150 says:

    Hermes has been producing saddles since 1867. The branching out into fashion was the move “outside of the usual paradigm.”

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