13 May
The perfect book for the typography nerd in all of us

I can’t really explain it, but I have a deep love for good typography. Maybe it comes from years in the magazine publishing world, time spent as a graphic designer, or just an adoration of letters and numbers presented in a visually engaging way. It’s an art, and one that makes all the difference in the world between a hack job and inspired graphic design. That’s why I love Hyperactivitypography from A to Z , and hope I have something like it around when I finally have kids. Hyperactivitypography is a faux-children’s activity book for typographers illustrated in a nostalgic vintage style, giving it a sweet and childlike look. “The book is packed with activities, ranging from silly to hard core nerdiness. It’s great to test your skills on and to learn new things while having fun.” Guessing fonts, activities dealing with the Golden Ratio, crossword puzzles, etc all fill out the book, which itself is presented and packaged in beautiful hardcover edition. Presently sold out, more coming at their website.

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