28 May
FALSE, Karl Lagerfeld and Better Off Dead

Singapore duo Le Messie and Amanda Scully, of FALSE fame, have released their more affordable Better Off Dead Spring/Summer 2010 line of shirts. We’ve been fans of Le Messie’s stuff for awhile (read our interview), and this season does nothing to disappoint. The Karl The Butcher line is a statement on the release of the great Karl Lagerfeld from the infamous design house Chanel. In the words of FALSE, “‘Karl The Butcher’ is a visual narration of the events preceding Karl’s release from world renowned fashion house Chanel. We’ll let the visuals do all the talking.” And the designs certainly do do the talking. They feature Karl in his signature monochrome suit toting what I believe is a mountain goats skull and a ripped apart Anna Wintour, still looking ever so chic in a pair of sunglasses. Each shirt or sweatshirt is individually hand screened and hand finished by the FALSE overseers and humbly priced at an average of $35. If you’re interested in making the same statement as Better Off Dead, get a piece of it here.

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