5 May
Watch a paper city grow in front of your eyes

Sort of similar to that awesome ABC3D pop-up book, except instead of infant stimulation Popville aims straight for stimulating adult occipital lobes. Created by Anouck Boisrobert, Louis Rigaud and Joy Sorman, the Sim City-like book has some heady framework aspirations:”The city as a living body that is born, develops and differentiate its buildings and functions: from the very first nucleus (an isolated church among the trees in the countryside) to the huge metropolis crowded with streets, pylons, factories and stations. Popville is a pop-up book in which each page corresponds to a moment of the city development. Some urban and landscape elements remain constant references for the growth of the city, while others simply disappear and make place to new ones. What lasts is the steady stream of occasions and possibilities which, in the book just like in reality, remain unpredictable till the moment of turning the page.” Now that’s some stoney French knowledge. Pick it up for about $20.

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