Fresh off his stint nearly melting the interwebs with his red hot M.I.A. video “Born Free” French director Romain Gavras unleashes the trailer for his debut feature film Notre Jour Viendra, aka Our Day Will Come (Gavras also directed the Justice documentary A Cross the Universe). Notre Jour Viendra tells the story of a young redhead fleeing his family and associates in Ireland, his only friend a psychiatrist played by the always awesome Vincent Cassell. Originally titled Redheads, you can kind of see how he was playing off this theme in “Born Free” — as the unnamed paramilitary outfit in the Youtube-banned video storms project to project rounding up all the redheads. The son of famed French director Constantin Costa-Gavras (Missing, Z, Betrayed) Romain is no stranger to controversy, and this film promises plenty of its own. Even tho very little story can be discerned from the brief trailer, its enough to realize the movie is going to be hardcore — in more ways than one. Not surprising, as Cassell is no stranger to brutal filmmaking himself — anyone out there seen Irreversible? Jeeeeesus, I’ve never seen so many shaken girlfriends being nearly carried from the theater.

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  1. Carl Razazi says:

    Romain Gavras should direct The Warriors remake/sequel …he’s the only one that could do it justice ;)

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