19 May
Classic motorcycle goodness for under $7,000

Classic Russian motorcycle manufacturers Ural are about to introduce their entry level motorcycle to America in July, the Ural sT. What makes the motorcycle oh-so-lustworthy is its retro silhouette, which admittedly is red hot right now but still undeniably desirable. Most famous for their sidecar bikes (much of whose technology they stole from BMW), Ural has now extended their traditional experience to solo riders. As the company claims: “Think of it as a bike that could have been produced by Ural in the 1970s if the engineers were allowed to fulfill their ambition for a performance two-wheeler. We took care of unfinished business and put together a motorcycle that answers the need for something functional, simple and reasonable. Just what a real motorcycle should be — a universal bike for your daily trips and weekend getaways whether on a street, highway or even a forest road …with the feel of a genuine classic ride and all modern day components.” Solid argument, yes, but what makes the Ural sT especially remarkable in these economically tough times is its pricetag, running at just $6,999. Outfitted with a 745cc air-cooled 40 horsepower engine, that seems like a great steal. The only problem is don’t look for a dealer anytime soon, each Ural  sT will be built to order, using what it calls ‘Ural A La Carte’ distribution model: essentially there’s a PDF menu that potential owners download, select options from, and then send back to Ural. It allows buyers to specify the color, shinier trim, seating configuration, engine protection, fender racks, toolkits and so on. Would love to get my hands on one, and with that price it’s not out of the question…

via BikeEXIF

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