18 May
Boots and shoes from Japan's Moto Leather & Silver

Italian fashion site Men’s Mentore has a short but wonderful piece on Japanese leather crafstman Sakuto Motoike, who launched the Moto Leather & Silver footwear line in 1971. The son of artist Hideo Motoike, Sakuto’s leather creations are so skilled one could credit them almost as being sculptures themselves as opposed to rote footwear. Check out the engineer and motorcycle boots, plus the stunning collection of chukkas and slip-ons. Beautiful. We couldn’t find prices on the shoes, but here they’re selling a Moto Leather & Silver wallet for about $255. That’ll hold you off till you luckily unearth some of these boots..

One more gallery of Sakuto Motoike’s Moto Leather & Silver beautiful boots after the Jump…

via Selectism

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