It’s sort of a bittersweet time for most LOST fans, as tonight premiers the second to last episode of the fiercely cult show. I’ll admit I’m a fan, and especially this year as they’ve finally started wrapping up all the loose ends and are headed to a somewhat cogent ending (let’s hope, anyways). So to help celebrate the ending of the phenomenon pick up the 108 Objects from Flight 815 T-Shirt tee. Its broken plane graphic is constructed of 108 items from the hit show’s six-season run, with a bold Dharma logo printed on the rear. Pick it up in either men’s or women’s versions, or a hoodie if your especially hardcore…

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  1. […] Life” lifted from Desmond’s signature refrain is definitely my favorite. Unlike the other LOST shirt that had more obvious references to the show, BBlessing’s homages are a little more subtle: […]

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