25 May
ChumBuddy joins ranks of growing animal sleeping bags

There seems to be a growing desire among netizens to sleep in the bowels of plushy animals. First there was the tauntaun, then the irate bear, and now a gigantic great white shark, aka the ChumBuddy. Has this officially reached meme status? Standing at 7 feet tall, and stuffed with over 30 lbs of poly-fill, the Jaws-like ChumBuddy is almost more stuffed animal than sleeping bag — although it’s clearly made to sleep in, it’ll also double as a perfect temporary prison to stuff your little brother into. Yes it’s a prototype, but more are promised to be made and you can pick up your very own for just $200. Not bad to recreate your favorite scenes of horrific ocean terror.

One more pic after the Jump…

3 Responses to “Sleep Inside a 7 Foot Giant Shark”

  1. very beautiful,thank sharing

  2. shawn hoyte says:

    Where do I get one of these?

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