19 May
Look just like your favorite unwashed Frenchmen for only $1,000

After seeing Justice 42 times in 6 months back in 2007 I got really kinda sick of them, I’ll be honest. Then they wrapped up Coachella in 2008 with one of the best closing sets I’ve ever seen at the festival, and all of a sudden they were back in my OK book. I mean they’re good and all, but the absolute madness I saw them inspire from the vast flock of blond Norwegian teens at Oya Festival (as well as every secret show they played at the Viper Room) I just couldn’t quite grasp. So quite obviously these black leather Justice biker jackets recreated by Surface To Air aren’t exactly aimed at me — they’re more targeted at the hordes of hipsters who considered Cross their holy tabernacle. But seeing as its S2A, the 800 € pricetag ($1,015) would pretty much knock it out of most non-trustafarean hipster budgets. Choose your favorite chain-smoking French electro producer — either Gaspard’s classic American biker jacket on the above left, or Xavier’s British biker jacket on the above right — and take it home, it’s only a grand…

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