13 May
For those who can never decide what to wear

You may be scratching your head as you look at this jacket. Is it a hoodie? Is it a vest? Is it a blazer? What kind of God would allow such a hybrid sartorial abomination to be created?! Well, don’t be alarmed, it’s all of those things, but the design house who unearthed it — Les Hommes — simply refer to it as the Hooded Jacket. And I prefer to refer to it as a swishing half-court 3-pointer: desperate, but hits all net. Les Hommes took all the elements we love in menswear and wrapped them up into one neat little package. We have the fit and feel of a blazer, the silk backing of a vest, and the comfort of a hoodie with an equally silky hood. Plus, a 3-pocket front. The soft beige tone of the jacket will fit perfectly alongside your other pieces for spring. The Les Hommes Spring/Summer 2010 Hooded Jacket is priced at around $1,900 — check it out at Restir.

Hit the Jump to see the front angle of Les Hommes’ Hood Jacket after the Jump…

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