14 May
How to look stylish when descending a mountain summit...or buying a good Pinot Grigio

North Face’s Japan-only line, The Purple Label, has produced a series of pristine white travel bags perfect for the adventurer who wants to cross surmounting Mount Fuji off the list, but still wants to look good doing it. Either that, or a weekend at the Hamptons — you choose. The collection of bags features a backpack, dufflebag, waist-bag and also includes a wallet and camera pouch. All luggage is finished in a gleaming white cotton nylon oxford material for durability during those long treks across the globe. I don’t worry about the quality of the bags, considering its North Face, but I worry more so about the potential for slipping and staining your immaculate luggage. So, should you choose to invest, the bags ranging in price from $130-$250 each, make sure to watch where you step. You can get them in Japan, or here.

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