3 May
Boskke SKY Planter is turning things upside down

I know what you’re thinking, and no, I didn’t screw up the picture on this article. We are officially technologically advanced enough to plant upside down. Why? Why not? The award winning design from Patrick Morris is turning heads in design and architecture, transforming what was destined to be at ground level forever to reaching new heights. Something as basic as the flowers on your desk could be catching the eyes of your guests instead of going unnoticed. Boskke Sky Planter is taking green to the next level, from the ground to your ceiling. The item is not yet available but will be soon at their website. Plus, it reduces your watering of household plants by up to 80% (as the water goes straight to the roots instead of wasting time waiting for gravity to take it through the soil), saves floor space, and is probably bound to confuse the shit out of your pets.

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