30 Jun
The Bosch Power Box is here to save the day

If you plan on having a serious throwdown this 4th of July — I mean a serious throwdown, one replete with policemen knocking down your door, ex-girlfriends trying to jump over the fence and that one crazy dude following you on Twitter dressed up in a Papa John’s deliveryman costume — then perhaps you should look into the Bosch Power Box. The nearly indestructible boombox is shelled in an aluminum and rubber roll cage — even Lindsay Lohan on a 72-hour coke binge couldn’t destroy this thing at her most maniacal. The Bosch Power Box features a CD, MP3 player, AM/FM radio, subwoofer, four-way speakers and a remote control — hell, it’ll even recharges cell phones and other 12v electrical equipment. Who are you to resist?

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