22 Jun
Removable wallpaper by 2Modern

For anyone who’s hesitated in redesigning a pre-packaged suburban home, or those of you who’ve always had the desire to make your apartment feel like home but don’t have the strength to change it all back for that security deposit…well, Tempaper has dropped down from the heavens and into your dwelling. The name pretty much says it all: Tempaper is temporary wallpaper that can also be repositioned. But Tempaper is much more than wallpaper; its expression, it’s freedom, it’s opportunity, it’s genius, and according the manufacturers it’s “vinyl coated self adhesive wall decor”. Mostly, it is just a really great idea for interior design aficionados as well as the less adept do-it-yourselfers around the world. A great idea and priced at $75-$98, so maybe just start with a room or two. Check out a few options in the gallery below .

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