14 Jun
The Cocoon planter and various other types of Terrariums

It can be a difficult thing to bring a little life into a cement infested place like an apartment in a big city, but this is why Salmonsen has developed the Cocoon storage device. It can function as a planter, a place to grow spices and/or herbs, and can carry your various fruits (unless I’ve misinterpreted the picture). Its a modern design, but still made of clay for efficiency, and will certainly brighten up any dead ceiling space you have in your tiny apartment. Unfortunately though, the Coccon is still just a concept from Salmonsen, but, in keeping with the theme of nature, the terrarium business is beginning to take a big boom. Whether or not it be the green trend that has livened up the business (get it?) , terrariums are in full swing again; hanging from ceilings, sitting on desks- everyone wants a little forrest inside of their homes these days, if only to give them something to take care of. Luckily, the Botany Factory have plenty of different shapes, styles, and sizes- all of which you can preview in the gallery below. Unfortunately they’re on sale only at certain locations, but this is probably just the start of something big in the “apartment dwelling nature lover’s” market, so keep on the lookout.

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