Hot off the success of last year’s much coveted Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, Thinkgeek are back with the ever-more tempting Wampa Rug. So now instead of outfitting your fireplace-side living room with a growling bear rug, you can spare one of god’s great creatures and slay a Wampa snow monster. The only thing separating this from the Empire Strikes Back version is it has both arms. Consider it a pre-amputee Wampa. It features high-quality synthetic fur, a plush pillow head and fearsome claws — just what you need to get that special Star Wars fangirl in your life all warmed up…sadly, most guys with the Wampa Rug probably won’t have anyone to share it with, but that’s another problem altogether. Yes, they will most likely all die alone (if you don’t get the reference, hit the Jump and prepare yourself for 10 of the funniest minutes of your life). Available for $100.

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