Remember the days of gathering paper bags from a grocery store and custom building a book jacket for each of your school books at the beginning of each school year. What was the best part about that is all of the potential for doodling the paper bag held as it was wrapped around your Algebra I book (because, quite frankly, you knew you’d hardly open the book anyway). Well Book City Jackets has just released a new artist series of 20×40 in brown bag style book jackets. The intriguing part about these book jackets is the illustrations printed on the sturdy brown paper, which would take a lot of the drawing work out of it and makes for an interesting way to protect your books. Each set comes with one book cover from each featured artist, which includes Jing Wei, Matt Cipov, and R Nicholas Kuszyk. I am almost certain that nobody will mistake you for a bookworm while you tote around these drawings….but they may not stop calling you a big nerd. If you’re interested, they’re $15 from etsy.

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