8 Jun
Only 150 bottles of Balvenie's finest scotch to date for $3,500

I love my Balvenie. It is truly one of my favorite single malt scotches. It may not be the most expensive or exclusive, but it’s from my favorite region (Speyside), falls handsomely in my price range (about $45/bottle for 12-Year) and tickles my tastebuds in anticipated fancy at the mere thought of a tumbler full. I get perky and start doing ninja kicks just thinking about it. So needless to say I would kill to try the latest vintage, Balvenie 40 Year Old. Created by in-house Malt Master David Stewart, the vintage comes packaged in a customized wooden casing, and was aged 40 years in American oak and sherry casks — like most traditional bottles of Balvenie (except for the 4 decades part, that is). Of course my dreams will most likely never materialize as there will only be 150 bottles of the vintage created. And running for about $3,500 a bottle, even if one did cross my path all I would be able to do is stare and weep a bit, like a Dickensian pauper staring through a restaurant window at the rich eating a sumptuous pork loin. Until my check arrives from that mysterious Nigerian banker I’m helping out, I’ll just have to make due sating my palate with a snifter of Balvenie Madeira instead — that’s much more in my price range. The Balvenie Forty will be available in selected Duty Free outlets starting in July.

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  1. Kdog says:

    OMG this has to be sooo fucking good! I have a 12 year and it is sooo fucking smooth. GOD DAMN!

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