23 Jun
Buyer beware of people staring at your fanny constantly

Bike seat as art? Well, Wisconsin-based Kara Ginther seems to be making it that way. With her custom made, hand engraved, and hand painted saddles, she seems to be elevating the hobby of bicycles to a whole new level. Thus far she’s only worked with Brooks saddles because of the quality of leather her work requires, and she certainly features the leather in it’s best light. The western influence is obvious in her work, and no other style would suit the Brook seat as well anyhow. Though you can technically ride these saddles, I think they may be better suited hanging in your apartment considering these custom orders range from $99-$345. Oh, but if you’ve got that kind of money how could you resist a thing like this? In an ironic twist, you’ll probably have to sell your bike just to afford Ginther’s seat, but riding it was mostly for show anyway, right? If you’re interested in getting a piece of this work, and she’ll even work with you depending on what you want, contact Ginther and see more of her work below.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Do they come in pivotal?

  2. Ade says:

    omg these are gorgeous! They would go wonderful with a bike I’m designing at http://www.villycustoms.com , where can I buy one??

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