18 Jun
Returning Scotch to its natural roots

In an effort to return Scotch whisky to its natural flavors of 100 years ago, Bruichladdich distilled their first Organic Islay Whisky in December of 2003. The Chalice barley was grown at Culblair Farm near Inverness on glacial gravel deposits with sand and loam and a touch of clay, one mile from the sea. It was then malted and shipped to Islay. And the result? “We ran the distillation even more slowly than normal, to preserve the creamy texture of the spirit, which has a wonderful spring-like quality to it,” explains Master distiller Jim McEwan. “It’s quite green and herbaceous with flowering currant, geranium and mossy riverbank notes, but there’s a balance of fruit in there, which you’d expect in new spirit — soft pears and sweet stewed apple. Our usual spirit is pretty damn good, yet here there is just more of everything. I never thought there could be such a difference!” The very light colored single malt has a peaty body, as can be expected from an Islay scotch. Pick it up for around $50 a bottle, if you can find it.

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