2 Jun
I'm not cheap, I do it because I care

There’s many ways to drink booze, some classy and some less than classy. The beauty of a flask at sporting events (and even that local martini bar in this economy) is that even tho you’re saving a fistful on drinks you’re also looking a tad shady. But not so if you’re rocking C.C. Filson Co.’s Bridle Leather and Stainless Steel Hip Flask. Aptly made of stainless steel with bridle leather cover, and handsomely embossed with the C.C. Filson Co. logo, its the perfect hip flask to say, “Yeah I’m cheaping out on the bill, but that doesn’t mean I’m cheap. I do it because I care.” Or you could wear a monocle and pocket watch, but not really the same vibe. Built to hold 6 fluid ounces of your favorite high quality hooch, and equipped with a leather exterior to shield your hand from the cold metal, this classy drinker’s must-have accessory also comes with an easy-open screw top that’s anchored to the flask so you won’t lose the cap when you decide to crack her open in an advanced state of inebriation. Made in U.S.A., and available from Blackbird for $67.50.

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